Resident upset with rules of order at county commission

Published 12:32 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A local resident disputing the county commission’s rules of order will have to meet with the county attorney and the commission chairman before he is allowed to address the commission again.

Commission Chairman Greg White said that resident Buster Boyd came by and requested to speak about the rules of order.

Boyd’s complaint stems from a June meeting of the commission in which Boyd spoke – as he does most meetings.

Boyd sent a letter to White and provided a copy to the Star-News, objecting to White’s behavior in the June 27 meeting.

Boyd said, “My basic complaint is that you imposed your own set of rules for the content of my speech at the public speech section of the meeting. You need legally, in my opinion, to have a policy in place to impose your own will regarding a speaker’s comments. Your actions constituted an unconstitutional infringement of my rights and more particularly engage in effect in viewpoint discrimination against me especially but not solely by informing me you would not let me speak again.”

White told the Star-News Boyd was allowed to speak for the full three minutes during that meeting, but was out-of-line during his comments, and ideo footage of the meeting available online bears that out.

“I attempted to keep him on track, but to no avail,” White said.

Addressing the issue, at Tuesday’s meeting, White requested he speak to Boyd first.

“His issue is our rules of order,” White said. “If appropriate, I’ll get the attorney to meet with us.”

Boyd, who was in attendance, stood up and spoke in objection.

“Thank you for calling me,” he said. “Obviously, I won’t be able to speak until we meet.”

Boyd requested a meeting as soon as possible.

White promised to meet with Boyd in the coming days.

“I don’t like to compromise,” Boyd said.