Airport officials: Opening cafe on weekends will boost fuel sales

Published 12:19 am Thursday, August 24, 2017

Come October, there will be an additional place to grab something to eat on weekends in Covington County.

The South Alabama Regional Airport Authority granted SARA Executive Director Jed Blackwell permission to open the Heliport Café on Saturdays beginning in October.

Blackwell said the café has started to make money and he would like to open on Saturday.

“It will be slow starting out,” he said. “But with time to market it, we will get aviators to come in.”

The café will open on a trial basis for six months.

Blackwell said he anticipates it will cost $100 per Saturday for food and $180-$190 for the day for a cook and one co-op student.

Blackwell said aviators usually eat at the Florala Airport on Saturdays.

“We hope we can get more military traffic on Saturday,” he said.

Board member Donald Barton said that they should be able to get members of the Air National Guard to come, who fly out of Montgomery.

Additionally, he suggested that they let Fort Rucker know.

Blackwell anticipates that opening the Heliport Café on Saturdays would allow the airport to sell at least 500,000 gallons more of fuel.

Sue Bass Wilson and Irene Butler enjoy lunch at the Airport Cafe