Pushing his limits on the course

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 24, 2017

Straughn High School’s Noah Fallin has recently gotten into the sport of motocross and has quickly found his passion.

“I was just watching it on TV and thought that it looked really cool,” Fallin said. “I finally got into it about year and half ago, and have really enjoyed riding.”

Fallin said that it’s one of the most exciting things that he has ever done.

“There is no doubt that is an adrenaline rush,” Fallin said. “That is the coolest part about. It’s just so exciting.”

When he first got started in motocross, Fallin said some aspects of it could be nerve racking.

“The hardest part was probably working up the confidence to hit the jumps,” Fallin said. “At first, that was very scary, but now it’s just exciting.”

Fallin said that it took him a little while to get over the nerves of making a big jump.

“It took some time getting used to jumping,” Fallin said. “I worked a lot on getting my confidence up to make those jumps.”

Working on getting through the corners was another thing that Fallin said he has improved since getting into motocross.

“I’ve really improved my corner speed,” Fallin said. “Some people roll into the corner and they don’t really stay in the saddle. I’ve learned to stay down, and keep my momentum going into and out of the corner. That was tough to get down. The other thing I’ve improved on is to get the other drivers out of your mind when you are out there.”

Fallin said that during the season he is racing anywhere from two to four times a month.

“We mostly go up to north Alabama,” Fallin said. “There are some races in Montgomery and Auburn. We usually race every weekend or at least every other weekend from March to October.”

Going forward, Fallin said that he hopes to branch out into other states.

“We are trying to add in races in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi next year,” Fallin said. “My goal is to be in Loretta Lynn Championship in Tennessee at some point.”

The Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Championship is one of the largest amateur motocross events in the nation with many champions moving on to the professional ranks.

Fallin said he will be competing this weekend at Covington County’s Greenacres Motocross track in the “Battle of the States.”

“I’m really looking forward to going up against competition from all over,” Fallin said. “There are going to be riders from at least four different states. It starts Saturday and the championship event will be on Sunday.”with many of awards he won during last year’s motocross season.