Red Level siblings travel to see eclipse

Published 12:17 am Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Red Level brother and sister were treated to a chance of a lifetime earlier this week.

Nicholas and Emily Edson, along with their parents, traveled some 355 miles to Nashville, Tenn., to see the total eclipse.

The family drove the entire night Sunday to reach their destination and returned to Red Level around midnight Monday.

The Edsons traveled to the Nashville Zoo, where they experienced the eclipse.

Nicholas, a third grader, is into science, space and aircraft, and was especially excited.

“We went all the way to Nashville to see the total eclipse,” Nicholas said. “It was so awesome. The whole thing was awesome. It looked pretty. One second it was like sunset; next it was night time.”

Emily, a first grader, was in awe that it was dark in the middle of the day.

“When it was dark, I didn’t have to put my glasses on in the middle of the day,” she said. “It was real cool.”

Nicholas said that everything got really quiet when the eclipse occurred, except for the crickets.

“When it was completely over, the crickets were still chirping,” he said.

Nicholas said he aspires to be a scientist or an inventor when he grows up.

Emily said she wants to be a ballerina, princess, veterinarian and doctor when she grows up.

They saw people from Texas, New York, West Virginia and Ohio.