City’s education tax to fund tech program, music, repairs

Published 11:57 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Andalusia City Council on Tuesday OK’d a proposed plan from the Andalusia Board of Education for the use of the city’s education sales tax proceeds for fiscal year 2018.

Superintendent Ted Watson asked that $500,000 of the approximately $1 million generated by the tax each year be set aside for the auditorium and stadium renovation project.


  • $110,000 for the annual lease payment on Apple computers used in the schools.
  • $75,000 to fund a full-time music program at AHS.
  • $75,000 to begin a coding credentialing program offered by Apple. If the system is not ready to fully implement this program, remaining funds would be used to finish the softball field at AHS.
  • $125,000 to replace the rear windows of Old Main at Andalusia High School.
  • $200,000 for partial reroofing of Andalusia Elementary. If this bid came in higher than projected, the window project at AHS would be delayed and the monies moved.
  • $15,000 for contingency, for unforeseeable items.