EMA testing all sirens – including new one in River Falls – today

Published 11:55 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Covington County Emergency Management Agency will test weather sirens today, Wed., Sept. 6.

The local EMA recently assisted the Town of River Falls in obtaining and installing an outside warning siren, which has been placed on Sunnyside Street at the intersection of Point A. Road. Its purpose is to serve the citizens of this area that were previously just out of range of the other sirens.

“We will be testing this new siren along with all the others on Wed., Sep. 6, of this week as long as weather is permitting,” the EMA said in a press release Tuesday. “We do this audible siren test on the first Wednesday of each month to insure they produce the correct tones for the correct amount of time.”

The first tone is a siren sound. This tone is used during severe weather. If any part of Covington County is placed under a tornado warning, this tone will sound.

“This is your cue to get in your safe place,” the EMA said. “Get to the lowest part of that structure in the interior away from windows.”

The second tone is the sound of an air horn.

“This tone will sound when we need citizens to hear important information,” the EMA said. “It may be a Hazardous Material Spill that you need to steer clear of or a potential evacuation from a specified area. The key to this tone is that you get inside and tune in to your local media source. Information will be broadcast over television, radio and /or social media. Be ready to listen for authorized instructions on what your next step may be.”

For questions, call 334-428-2670.