Resident wants to open bait shop

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 8, 2017

The Opp City Council this week tabled a recommendation from the zoning board to deny an Opp man’s request to rezone his property on Opine Road to start a business.

There was a public hearing at this week’s council meeting for locals to voice their concerns or support for the business.

Wayne Wood, who ran for mayor last fall, said it was his goal to put a bait shop and sell RV supplies.

He said he would eventually like to have a storage facility for boats and RVs.

“I talked to several and they would like it where their RVs are set up when they get (to Frank Jackson State Park,)” he said.

Mixon Moore said that he had known Wood for years and that he deserves a chance.

“Opp definitely needs a business,” he said. “It’s drying up.”

Another resident said she and her husband had lived there for a while.

“We don’t want the traffic,” she said. “We don’t want us to devalue our property.”

Another resident of Opine Road said she feels similar.

“When we purchased land, it wasn’t commercial,” she said. “If we rezone it for that and other lots around, it will alter the reason we are where we are.”

Another resident said that a bait shop sounds like a perfect idea, but other business detrimental.

Robert Boothe, owner of WOPP, told the council they could zone it R-3 like where the radio station is and make it conditional that only the radio station could be there.

The property is in District 2 and councilmember Charlotte Hunt said she had only received all negative calls.

“If you don’t want a business here, that’s fine,” Wood said. “I’m willing to invest elsewhere. I think the remarks here are poor.”

Councilmember LaVaughn Hines said he would like more information before they make a decision.

Councilmember Chad Jackson said that he would like to see all parties come to an agreement and that he did not want to lose a business.

Hunt made a motion to accept the denial of the rezoning, but it failed for lack of a second.