Opp to allow alcohol to be served at the Depot

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Opp City Council passed an ordinance this week that would allow for alcohol to be served at the Depot for private parties.

Mayor Becky Bracke said it was falsely reported recently that the city was planning to sell alcohol at the Depot.

“We are only going to allow it to be served,” she said.

Bracke said the reason for allowing it is so that they can get more events at the venue.

“We think this will open the venue to more events,” she said. “They can have champagne, etc., but there will be no selling.”

The ordinance provides that alcohol may be consumed inside the depot and within 150 feet of the building, but does not include any city right of way, street, other building or sidewalk.

Additionally, those electing to serve alcohol must make sure they are following all federal, state and local law and regulations concerning alcohol.

Councilmember LaVaughn Hines abstained.