Car wash coming to Andalusia

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 14, 2017

Site work is under way on the Western ByPass for Splash Hopper’s Express Wash.

Telisha Atchison, who with Rob Martin is developing the new business, said she’s convinced the more upscale car wash is needed here. Atchison and Martin are local residents.

“Frankly, Andalusia needs it,” Atchison said. “We looked at several spots, but felt like that location would be the best for the traffic. It should be easy in, and easy out.”

The car wash will be located across the bypass from Andalusia Tire.
“It’s a pull-through, conveyor-style car wash,” she said. “When a driver enters, there is a bug prep station the driver can spray on before washing, or brush with windshield.

There is an automated pay station, where drivers can choose a package and pay with a credit or debit card, or with cash.

Then they’ll advance to an attendant, who will spray the vehicle down with soap, she said.

The vehicle is placed in neutral, and the conveyor belt moves the vehicle through the stages of the wash, which will take approximately five minutes, depending upon the package purchased.

“Once you’re done with that, you can leave, or use one of the 20 vacuum stations,” she said. “Those are free with the car wash.”

Weather permitting, she said, the business should open in the next few months.

She also expressed the couple’s appreciation to the city and its utilities department for assistance in getting the infrastructure needed in place.