Riedel: Dual enrollment helps enrollment at LBW this fall

Published 1:28 am Saturday, September 16, 2017

LBWCC is once again seeing growth in its student body this semester.

While final enrollment numbers for the fall semester are unavailable, Marketing Director Renee LeMaire said the headcount is currently 1, 839 students, which is a 7.5 percent increase compared to last year.

However, LeMaire said that credit hours are at 17,945, which is a slight decline of 0.8 percent from last fall.

In Fall 2016, LBWCC had an increase in enrollment of 8.32 percent.

“The large increase in headcount is due to very strong enrollment in our technical dual enrollment program, which resulted from enhanced partnerships with local school districts,” LBWCC President Dr. Herb Riedel said.

Andalusia City Schools has been providing transportation to schools, but Covington County Schools announced over the summer that they would began providing transportation to LBWCC’s MacArthur Campus for students at Straughn, Red Level, Pleasant Home and Florala.

With that partnership and online opportunities, Covington County Schools have approximately 100 students enrolled at LBWCC.