Opp chief: Single-ply works just fine for rolling, and it’s cheaper

Published 2:14 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It’s homecoming week in Opp, and with homecoming comes the tradition of yard rolling.

Opp Police Chief Mike McDonald had some words of caution and encouragement for those participating in the tradition.

“We encourage any and all participants to use care and caution when out having a good time,” he said.

McDonald gave the following tips:

  • If someone doesn’t want their yard rolled, respect their wishes. Leave it alone. They can have you charged with criminal littering if they so choose;
  • Vehicle drivers, do not speed, run stop signs, drive with your lights out, etc. This may lead to serious injury or citation. Make sure that all occupants are wearing seat belts;
  • When you run on foot after dark, please consider guide wires, clothes lines, fences, holes, 100-pound bulldogs that have not eaten in two days, etc. Any of these things or any combination of these things may ruin your evening;
  • Homeowners may not shoot at people for rolling their yards. Nor may homeowners set up booby traps. Water hoses with suitable water pressure are just fine;
  • Do not, do not, do not attempt to run from or evade a police officer. Hint, they know what you are doing and are trying to keep things safe for everyone involved;
  • Do not damage private or public property. Causing damage to property is criminal mischief and will cause your arrest;
  • Do not litter public property. You want to roll each other’s yards, that’s your business. Please do not litter the streets;
  • Single ply works as well as double ply and is cheaper;
  • Scented paper is neither vogue or necessary.