SES honor club, Mt. Zion team up to fill buckets

Published 2:15 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A group of Straughn Elementary School students is assembling buckets full of supplies to assist those who suffered from flooding associated with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

SES and Mount Zion United Methodist are working together to provide relief for victims of natural disasters.

The flood bucket drive was started years ago by the United Methodist Committee of Relief, and has been a successful program for many whose homes suffered from flooding. Mandy Morris, a member of Mount Zion United Methodist and the SES counselor, mentioned the program to the school’s principal.

Soon, the honor society for the fifth grade class had decorated and set up a donation box, and is collecting cleaning items.

These donations go straight from the donation box to the Mount Zion Methodist Church, where they are packed into 5-gallon buckets and secured with plastic lids.

The students said the project makes them feel good.

“I feel like I am really making a difference, especially since hurricane season is coming up,” Christian Pate, the president of the Honor Society, said.

Ian Robbins agreed.

“It feels good knowing I’m helping others,” Robbins said, holding up a pair of work gloves.

Every little bit counts, and these students know that.

Dianne Everette, the pastor of Mount Zion United Methodist, has been the beneficiary of flood buckets in the past.

Shortly after Hurricane Ivan hit, Everette, whose home was damaged, received a flood bucket.

When the United Methodist Committee of Relief released a statement claiming for a need of more donations, Everette couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

“When Harvey hit, I really wanted to participate in the flood bucket drive,” she said.

For those looking to donate to the flood bucket drive, there are two locations to donate, SES and Mount Zion United Methodist.

The following items are needed for the flood buckets:

  • liquid laundry detergent,
  • liquid household cleaner,
  • dish soap,
  • air freshener (aerosol or pump),
  • insect repellent spray,
  • scrub brushes,
  • cleaning wipes,
  • sponges,
  • scouring pads,
  • clothespin,
  • clothesline,
  • heavy-duty trash bags,
  • dust masks,
  • kitchen dishwashing gloves,
  • work gloves.

More information on the packing of flood buckets can be found at: