Woman charged for 19 bad checks

Published 2:58 am Wednesday, September 27, 2017

April D. Doster, 41, was charged with 19 counts of negotiating a worthless instrument Tuesday, and is being held on a $57,000 bond after passing bad checks totaling $926.

Jeremie Shaffer, worthless check unit coordinator for the Covington County District Attorney’s office, said the office began collection attempts after receiving the first bad check.

“Soon thereafter, we received 18 more bad checks written by Doster,” Shaffer said. “We attempted to work with her and allow her to pay the checks off without warrants being obtained. Unfortunately, she did not.”

Merchants who receive worthless checks may turn them over to the worthless check unit for collections. For information, contact Shaffer at (334) 222-2513.

–Staff reports