SAW YOU AT THE POLL [with gallery]

Published 1:01 am Thursday, September 28, 2017

Youth from nine Covington County churches gathered on the Square Wednesday night f or a Saw You at the Pole Rally organized by the United Youth Ministers Council.

The event was a follow-up from Wednesday mornings See You at the Pole events, which encourages youth all around the globe in every time zone to gather at their flagpoles to pray for their school, friends, families, churches and communities.

First Baptist youth minister William Worley shared a short message on the power of prayer, then divided the youth into prayer groups. In those smaller groups, they prayed for the world, the country, community, churches, families and friends.

Youth from First Baptist Andalusia, Southside Opp, First Baptist Opp, Westview Opp, Crossway Ministries, River Falls Baptist, Andalusia Church of God, Southside Andalusia, and Gantt First Baptist participated.

Photos by Endsley Givhan, Michele Gerlach