Work begins on Lindsey Bridge Road sidewalks

Published 1:00 am Thursday, October 5, 2017

Work has begun on the Lindsey Bridge Road sidewalk project,

The City of Andalusia received a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant in 2015 for the project, which was bid this year.

“You’ve got to break some eggs to make a cake,” Mayor Earl Johnson said of the work now being done. “It will be worth it in the long-run.

Alan Kilen of Civil Southeast Engineering told council members when the project was bid that it was designed to also address drainage issues in several locations. The sidewalks still extend to Maple Street off Lindsey Bridge Road, and go to Johnson Park on Stanley Avenue.

“This plan accomplishes a lot more than just sidewalks,” Kilen said. “The large dirt area in front of Gitty-up and Go where trucks park, will be paved.”

In addition, drainage will be improved at the entrance to Johnson Park, and at several points on Lindsey Bridge Road.

Unlike a similar project on Prestwood Bridge Road, Kilen said the sidewalk is not nearly as close to the road because engineers have more right-of-way with which to work.