City asks property owners to repair access road

Published 8:02 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Andalusia City Council may take action to declare a private access road a nuisance if property owners don’t repair the massive potholes in the street.

Councilman Ralph Wells told fellow council members he had had a call from a constituent inquiring about the condition of the access road that leads to the Kangaroo station, Burger King, and other businesses directly across the bypass from Winn Dixie.

“She said her daughter hit the pothole, and had to have about $800 work done on her car,” Wells said.

Mayor Earl Johnson said the city officials have contacted the numerous property owners who are responsible for parts of the road and asked for it to be repaired.

“Our abatement ordinance does not give us the legal right to do anything about pot holes on private property,” he said. “Now, we have had the city attorney write a letter pointing out to them the issue has become a danger for people’s property and personal safety.

“Now that we’ve asked them to get it repaired, the council can declare the potholes nuisances. Then we can fix it and add the charges to their tax bills,” he said.