Sheriff: No official reports of person imitating officer officer

Published 2:38 am Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Despite chatter over the weekend on social media about a dark-colored police-style vehicle attempting to stop residents, Covington County Sheriff Dennis Meeks said there have been no reports to his office or the Gantt Police Department.

“I talked to my guys and the Gantt Police chief,” he said. “There is some kind of story going around, but we do not have an official report.”

Facebook chatter said that someone tried to rob another person and the person may have been “knocked in the head.”

Meeks said that he wanted to caution people if someone turns on the blue lights in a country area that is not well lit, to drive somewhere he or she feels comfortable.

“Pull into a neighbor’s yard, the Dollar General, anywhere that is well lit where others are,” he said. “Put your flashers on and call 911 and say, ‘This is so and so, and I’m driving this vehicle and I am going to so and so, and there is a police vehicle behind me.’ Then, you can see if it is legit. 911 will call the officer. Don’t try to out run them.”