SARA runway to get Christmas repairs

Published 4:23 am Saturday, October 28, 2017

South Alabama Regional Airport will close the airport runway during a period between Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The closure will allow for an airport improvement project that will repair a bump on runway 29.

The project will consist of milling the existing surface on each side of the bump.

The issue with the runway is that there is a bump where the old runway and the runway extension connect, which provides for a rough transition.

The current bump is 2.16 inches higher than it should be.

To fix it, they will cut out a small section of the runway – 100 feet on each side – and take out the bump, and then re-level to give it a smooth profile.

The cost of the project is around $135,000 with 90 percent being paid for by the Federal Aviation Administration, 5 percent by the Alabama Department of Transportation and 5 percent from local matching funds.

Local contractor Don Bullard will perform the work.

The project could take about 30 days to complete.