Heart attack led Powell to writing

Published 2:38 am Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1st book, ‘Murder in L.A.: Lower Alabama’

A massive heart attack brought an Opp local back to what he loved.

Greg Powell always had a passion for writing, but found himself doing other things in life.

Powell grew up in Mobile, attended high school there, and pursued a degree in special education from Huntingdon College .

Powell’s family owned a pine tree farm in Opp, and he found himself returning to Opp, to go to the MacArthur campus for his LPN.

He worked several years as a distract manager in the food industry, and only two as an LPN when his heart attack occurred.

Powell got two stints put in his heart, and was medically unfit for working the long stressful hours as an LPN.

So, he turned to writing.

“I’ve always had a passion for writing,” Powell said, “Since grade school.”

At 57, Powell began writing his book, Murder in LA: Lower Alabama.

He struggled for two years through various publishing companies turning him down.

Finally, he copyrighted his book and was picked up by Dorrance Publishing.

“My advice for people is never quit on your dreams. I spent my whole life believing I couldn’t make a future out of what I love,” Powell said.

The book is heavily influenced by Powell’s direct work with the people of Covington County, and just lower Alabama in general.

The setting is also based around the Opp area.

“The characters in my book are strong, Southern, and iron clad in their ways. Especially in the sense of who they are,” Powell said, “But it is in no way stereotypical,”

Powell’s book is meant to show the best and worst in all of the characters while they try to solve a murder.

“I feel very positive about this, and I hope people love it as much as I did writing it,” Powell said.

There will be a sequel to the book in the coming months, he said

The book is available for purchase on the Barnes and Noble website, Amazon, as well as Rosedog books.