County workers destroy 175 pot plants harvested by DTF

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2017

Agents with the 22nd Judicial Drug Task Force wrought havoc on someone’s extensive marijuana grow Thursday.

Agent Greg Jackson said the DTF was conducting marijuana eradication surveillance in the area and found some 175 mature marijuana plants.

“We work marijuana eradication every day,” he said.

Jackson said some of the plants were 10 feet tall.

He estimates the plants to be worth $350,000, or approximately $2,000 per plant.

The plants were found off of Hwy. 54 between Florala and the Geneva County line.

This is the second marijuana grow that agents have found in the last few months.

In August, agents found some 769 marijuana plants, valued at $1 million, just north of Florala.

Those plants were found just off Hwy. 331, north of the 9-mile marker.

Agents still haven’t made an arrest in that case, but are still working the case.

These are among some of the larger marijuana busts made in recent years.

In July 2015, DTF agents found a substantial underground pot-growing operation at a Florala residence. There, they found 40 growing plants and 40 plants that had been harvested.

In July 2013, agents seized 439 marijuana plants after a six-week investigation into an operation located in three separate areas off Union Tower Road.

The person or persons responsible for the grow could face drug trafficking charges as a result of the amount of marijuana found.

Despite legalization of marijuana in other states, it is still very much against the law in Alabama. Jackson said they are currently looking for information about whom the plants belong to, and anyone with information is asked to call the DTF office at 334-222-3532.