Opp chief: Lock car doors, help stop burglaries

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 4, 2017

Opp Police this week are warning locals of vehicle break-ins and urging them to take precautions in order to not become the next victim.

“Once again, we have received reports of several vehicles being broken into on the west side of the city,” Opp Police Chief Mike McDonald said.

McDonald said that the vehicles that are being entered by criminals have been left unlocked.

“In one case, a pistol that was left in a vehicle was stolen,” he said. “There has also been a purse stolen.”

McDonald said the thefts appear to occur during daylight hours as well as nighttime.

“OPD investigators have locked several people up over the past six months for breaking into vehicles and stealing property,” he said. “Most of these people are out on bond. We continue to investigate any open cases that we have.”

McDonald had a list of things local residents can do to help prevent thefts from happening to them or their families.

“Do not leave guns, purses, phones, checkbooks, debit/credit cards, wallets in your unattended vehicle,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is parked in a store parking lot, at a school, at a hospital or at your residence.”

McDonald said that it is important to always lock your vehicle doors.

“Once again, it doesn’t matter if you are parked in a public parking lot of at your home,” he said.

Additionally, McDonald said to report suspicious activity immediately to the OPD by calling 493-4511 or 911.

“Citizen reports have helped us clear several cases in the past and they will help clear cases in the future,” he said. “When we work as a team it makes it much tougher on the criminals.”