Writer blames ‘liberal media,’ defends Moore

Published 1:45 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Well, folks, the liberal news people are at it again. This time they are trying to destroy Roy Moore -with their lies. Roy Moore has proven that he is a decent man When he was chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, the liberal news went after him because he stood up for his Christian belief in the Ten Commandments. He fought for the Ten Commandments as hard as he could. Finally the federal government, under Obama, took his job away from him.

The people of Alabama stood up for Judge Moore, and even voted him back into the Supreme Court again.

The people believed in what he stands for. Well, what next? Judge Moore came out against same-sex marriage, and the federal ·government went after him again, -with the help of ACLU and all of the liberal news organizations. They got him again for his Christian beliefs!

People of Covington Couny, and all of Alabama, do not let them do this to him again. The liberal news, like the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC, MS NBC, CNN and other liberal organizations will lie, cheat, steal (a man’s good name) , will do what it takes to get their liberal agenda passed. I find it very stran, that what they are saying about Judge Moore now, just happens to come out just weeks before the election. Isn’t it strange that all of this was supposed to have happened over 30 years ago. If there was any truth to these allegations, why did they not surface before now? I’ll tell you why: the liberal Democratic party has turned into a bunch of people who want to destroy any decency in this country, by any means possible. They don’t care about the truth anymore. It’s all about what the Democratic party wants! So, to the people of Alabama, are you going to support Judge Roy Moore or let the liberals destroy him? I love my country and my God. I believe Judge Moore does too.

Larry Mullen,