Council plans smaller budget in Opp

Published 12:20 am Friday, December 8, 2017

The Opp City Council plans to spend almost $2 million less than it did in fiscal year 2017, according to the budget it adopted last night.

The budget is for fiscal year 2018, which began in October. The council is projecting revenues of $7.76 million, but only plans to spend $7.01 million.

Last year, the city generated $8.8 million and spent $8.9, but it also completed a sidewalk project and restored the historic depot.

Outside of the projects in last year’s budgets, budgeted expenses appear flat in the FYE 2018 budget. Highlights include:

  • $478,650 for the administrative department, which includes mayor and council salaries, clerk and assistant and other office-related expenses;
  • $88,950 for city hall public buildings, which includes salaries and other line items.
  • $1.72 million for the police department, which includes salaries, training and other operations costs;
  • $592,925 for the fire department, which includes salaries and operations and maintenance costs;
  • $1.08 million for the street department, which includes salaries, vehicles, street maintenance and other operational expenses;
  • $199,575 in sanitation department expenses. Those numbers include salaries, landfill expenses, recycling expenses, garbage truck maintenance and more.
  • $131,000 for the judicial department, which includes salaries and operational expenses;
  • $77,550 in shop department expenses. That includes salaries and operational expenses, as well.
  • $122,575 for the library department, including salaries and expenses;
  • $593,615 for parks and recreation, including salaries, Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth expenses, and other rec league expenses, and July 4th expenses. There is also money set aside for playground equipment, bases, a new gator, batting net and more.
  • $171,620 for senior citizen expenses, which includes salaries and expenses;
  • $134,800 for the Rattlesnake Rodeo, including $100,000 for entertainment.
  • $829, 900 in educational department expenses, which includes gas tax appropriation, regular appropriation, stadium agreement, school tax, etc.

The city also budgeted money for long-term notes:

  • $38,100 for 2015 garbage truck;
  • $9,215 for principal on a tractor;
  • $16,300 for principal on a John Deere backhoe;
  • $15,750 for principal on the 2015 bond issue;
  • $10,530 for principal on S&P radios for the police department;
  • $90,000 for the industrial development bond issue;
  • $88,355 for the principal for the 2017 bond issue;
  • $45, 550 for the 2017 garbage truck, for a total of $275,700 in total long-term debt notes, principal-wise.

They are also expected to pay out $361,030 in interest charges on various debts.

In contributions, the city will shell out $85,750.