Hands down, Rudolph is their favorite reindeer

Published 2:42 am Saturday, December 23, 2017

Second grade students from area schools had no problem picking their favorite reindeer.

The Star-News asked several second graders from Pleasant Home Elementary School and Red Level Elementary School who was their favorite reindeer and why. Rudolph was an overwhelming favorite.

“I really like Rudolph,” Charlie Steele of Pleasant Home said.

“It’s because he’s the main reindeer, he guides the sleigh and protects Santa on the way to deliver presents.”

“Rudolph because he’s the guide to Santa’s sleigh,” Ashlyn Tew of Pleasant Home said.

“He makes it so we can all have Christmas.”

“Rudolph is my favorite because I like the color red,” Lily Turner of Pleasant Home said.

“And I really enjoy shiny things.”

“Rudolph is my favorite because he was made fun for his nose, but his nose saved Christmas,” Caden Hall of Red Level said.

“I like Rudolph because he saved Christmas,” Peyton Walden of Pleasant Home said.

“We get presents because of him.”

“I like Rudolph because he was a very nice reindeer,” Lamarion Crittenden of Red Level said.