Changes coming to cable in January

Published 1:02 am Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mediacom customers asked to choose new service packages

Mediacom customers who have not already done so need to choose a new service package in the next week.

Doug Frank, Mediacom group vice president for the coastal region, said the company, which acquired Andy Cable a year ago, is transitioning customers to Mediacom packages from Andy Cable packages.

“There were 500 combinations of packages we are transitioning over,” Frank said.

Customers were first notified 90 days ago of the need to transition, he said.

“They need to make sure that they call us,” he said.

Those who don’t call or stop by the office to notify of the company of their choices of packages will likely see increases in their billing in January as the company will make default choices for those customers who don’t make the decision.

“If they will call us after that first bill, we can still help them,” Frank said.

In the past year, the company has built 57 miles for fiber to provide more stable local services, he said.

“The Andalusia area should be done by end of the year,” he said last week. “In the first quarter of next year, we’ll complete Opp.”

Mediacom is moving its cable to a total digital service, which also will speed up delivery speeds, he said.

At present, the company is simulcasting in analog and digital. Sixty percent of the bandwith is devoted to the analog lineup, Franks said. So the conversion should make all service faster.

Beginning Jan. 9, the company will begin transitioning away from the old Andy Cable analog line-up.

“This will allow us to recapture analog bandwith and do more good things,” he said.

So we can do more good things

In the weeks of Jan. 9, Jan. 16, and Jan. 23, analog channels will be slowly transitioned away, leaving customers with only the digital ones.

“Change is tough, and we’re working hard,” Frank said.

Carrie Boggs, Mediacom senior manager for governmental affairs, said, “We bought the system with the incredible good intentions of bringing 1 gig speeds to this area. And we’re close.”

Frank said 1G speed should be available in the spring.

“We think that should be good for economic development, and for the community,” he said.

The company plans an open house at its Opp office on Jan. 9, and in the Andalusia office on Jan. 10.