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Published 8:01 am Thursday, January 11, 2018

Extension workshop teaches beekeeping

By Christopher Smith

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will hold a free beekeeping workshop Tues., Jan 23, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m for all levels of beekeepers, even people who have never done it before.

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Registration will begin at 5 p.m. Following registration will be a talk on an introduction to beginning beekeeping by ACES Regional Extension agent Phillip Carter.

Carter has his own demonstrational beehive at Landmark Park.

The next discussion will be on pest and diseases of honeybees by Randy Hamann, the Chief Apiary Inspector.

Some diseases that affect the honeybees are the American foulbrood, European foulbrood, chalkbrood, stonebrood, cripaviridae and dicistroviridae.

The main pest that causes honeybee colonies to decline is the Varroa mite.

The final talk will be from Chris Mead from Mead’s Honey Farm in Kinston.

“It usually isn’t that expensive to start beekeeping. All you need is some equipment and the bees, so all together you’re looking at a couple hundred dollars,” Charles Simon of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System wants anybody who is interested to call their office to register for the workshop.

To register or for more information call 334-222-1125.

Statewide, the Extension System is partnering with the Alabama Beekeepers Association to present the 2018 Beekeeping Symposium at the Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center on Sat., Feb. 3.