2nd new carwash to open in February

Published 1:33 am Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Roadrunner Express Carwash is hoping to open its doors the first week of February.

David Floyd, the owner of Roadrunner, said, “Despite some weather problems, we are in the final stages of construction.”

Floyd has another Express carwash in Brewton and said that it has done very well.

“I brought this to Andalusia because I believe it will have a positive impact on the community,” Floyd said, “It’s just like having two gas stations next to each other, it all comes down to the customer and I assure you they will leave completely clean and happy.”

“It is the future of car washing,” Floyd said of the new facility. “When you wash your car in the driveway you will be using city water which has not been conditioned and will leave spots on your car.”

There will be several different packages of washing that will be available and a monthly membership.

“When you get the monthly membership it comes with unlimited washes and you will always get the best package available,” Floyd said.

Although there is another new carwash down the road, Floyd is not worried about the competition.

“There is always competition in the car business, whether it’s selling cars or being a part of the service industry,” Floyd said, “It always comes down to what is convenient for the people and I believe that our quality and service will be what the people want.”

Floyd said that the theme of the carwash will be a take on Route 66, giving it a type of desert look to it.

Roadrunner Express Wash will have four to five employees working per shift to handle whatever needs the customer has.

It will be located on the corner of Prestwood Bridge Road, and the bypass, right beside Gitty-Up-N-Go.