Former APD officer pleads guilty

Published 6:19 pm Friday, January 19, 2018

Jason Curry, 38, of Andalusia, pleaded guilty Friday afternoon to conspiracy to commit distribution of a controlled substance before Circuit Judge Lex Short, according to a press release from the district attorney’s office


J. Curry

The investigation of Curry was initiated when a confidential informant reported to law enforcement that Curry was trading prescription pills for sexual acts. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency was asked to handle the investigation as Curry was, at that time, an investigator with the Andalusia Police Department. Curry and the confidential informant arranged a meeting at Wal-Mart. Curry, who was on duty and driving his patrol car, told the informant to meet him in a more secluded location where he would give her oxycodone pills in exchange for a sex act. When Curry arrived at the prearranged location to meet the informant, law enforcement arrested him.
Curry’s trial was scheduled to begin Monday. The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Nikki Stephens.
Judge Short sentenced Curry to 97 months imprisonment. The sentencing standards, promulgated by the Alabama Legislature, dictated that Curry receive probation for his crime. However, Stephens asked Judge Short to order him to serve prison time as he was a law enforcement officer. Judge Short did find that Curry’s position as a law enforcement officer was an aggravating factor that took his range of punishment outside the mandates of the sentencing standards. As part of his plea, Curry agreed to forever forego seeking employment as a law enforcement officer or with any law enforcement agency.
District Attorney Walt Merrell assisted Stephens in the prosecution. He noted that, “Police officers are held to a higher standard. They are sworn to uphold the law, and thank God that 99 percent of them do just that. When we find a bad apple, we do all we can to root them out… for the protection of the public and the integrity of the profession.”