What do ya’ do when it’s cold? Kids recommend snow with syrup

Published 8:41 am Friday, January 19, 2018

Wednesday’s snow and ice made for days out of school and fun times.

The Star-News interviewed children at the Tiny Tots Daycare about how they spent their snow day.

Lyric and Noah Cobb, ages 3 and 5, said they ate snow.

“We ate snow with maple syrup,” Noah said.

“We jumped on the trampoline when it was 20 degrees,” Lyric said.

Gabriel Machado, age 4, said he ate black snow.

“It was very black snow and I ate it. It was super cold outside. There were ice sickles on the roof,” he said.

Eli Watson spent his snow day making snowballs.

“I made a snowball and then I threw it,” he said.

Riley Stephens, 3, went sledding.

“I sled down a hill and skated,” he said.

Alli and Connor Durbin, ages 5 and 3, built snowmen.
“We built snowmen and slid down hills,” Alli said.

“Then we went to the coldest road to see the snow,” Connor said.

Zoe Russ, 4, said it wasn’t snow.

“It was ice. Not snow,” she said.

Trenton Russ said he played in the ice.
“I just played with the ice,” he said.

Madison Tubberville, 5, also ate snow.

“I went sledding and got a big cup of snow and took it inside to eat it with syrup,” she said.

Crimson Steel, 4, ate snow, but without syrup.

“I just ate the snow, no syrup. That is nasty with syrup,” he said.

Jax Crawford, 4, said the snow was nice.

“It was nice snow. I played in it,” he said.

Bentley King, 5, said he didn’t play in the snow at all.

“It was too cold. I stayed inside and played my video game system,” he said.

Jabria Lacey said she also built a snowman.

“I played with the snow and built a snowman,” she said.

The Tiny Tots Daycare provides care for children from newborn to 12 years of age.