New year means fresh start at AHS

Published 3:02 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

At Andalusia High School, January not only means the a new year, but also new classes. Mrs. Jana Clark’s Family and Consumer Sciences classes are off to a great start and trying new things.

Symone Reed, Jottreuna Sinkfield, and Alissa Staley eat dirt cake at the end of the “Flowerpots as Families” unit.

The FACS class started out focusing on color schemes in fashion. Instead of painting the color wheel using only blue, red, and yellow paint, the students decorated cupcakes with only blue, red, and yellow icing. The students blended the three colors together to make secondary and intermediate colors.

In the Food and Nutrition class, the students are studying ServSafe and experienced why it is so important to label chemicals used in the food service industry. Some of the students mistook the dishwashing powder as baking soda.

The parenting class used flowerpots to explain how families are strong, yet fragile. The students broke the flowerpots and discussed reasons why families break apart. Then the students mended the flowerpots and ate dirt cake out of them to show that even though families break apart, they can get back together and continue to nurture life and growth.