Quick-thinking theft victim takes suspect’s keys, calls 911

Published 3:18 pm Monday, February 5, 2018

On Sun., Feb. 4, Covington County deputies were dispatched to a residence at the corner of Rawls School Rd and Boston Road where the owner had returned home and found an individual removing parts from a vehicle without permission.

Wesley Kilgore

The victim called Covington County 911, and removed the keys from the vehicle that the suspect was driving.

Deputies arrived on the scene and questioned the suspect, Wesley Alan Kilgore, 35, who refused to cooperate with them.

Investigator Ken Harris was notified and arrived shortly thereafter. When Investigator Harris arrived, he notified the suspect of his Miranda rights. The suspect then cooperated with the deputies, and after a search of his vehicle, several parts from the victim’s car were located. The suspect was transported to the Covington County Jail and charged with, theft of property 4th , for which he has $500 bond (Class A Misdemeanor); unlawful breaking and entry of a vehicle, for which he has a $10,000 Bond (Class B Felony); harassment, for which he has a $500 bond (Class C Misdemeanor); possession of burglary tools, for which he has a $10,000 bond (Class C Felony); and criminal trespassing 3rd , for which he has a $500 bond.

On Monday afternoon, Kilgore remained in jail with a total bond of $21,500.

Sheriff Dennis Meeks expressed his thanks to the victim for his quick action in dialing 911 to get the assistance from deputies as soon as possible.