Coffee to go: Javatime opening in March

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Looking for gourmet coffee and want to get it quick? That’s exactly what Casey Teel had in mind when he came up with the idea for his new business, Java Time.

“We just felt that Andalusia needed a place like this,” Teel said. “There are places to get coffee, but we wanted a place were people could drive through and get gourmet coffee quickly.”

Teel said that he expects Java Time to open up on March 15 with a menu that features a plethora of items.

“We will have regular brewed coffee, but there is going to be a lot of different things on the menu,” Teel said. “There will be gourmet coffee, fresh brewed coffee, crepes, wraps and a lot of grab-and-go sweets. We will also have a thing called nitro cold brew coffee, which is a popular thing now. Right now, we are still working on the final menu, but there will be a lot of different things.”

Nitro cold brew coffee is cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head. The beverage is thicker than traditional cold brewed coffee, but the nitrogen effect also cuts the acidity tied to traditional cold brew, making it easier on the stomach.

The Java Time building, which has been constructed from a recycled shipping container, is something that Teel said he hopes will draw people to the store.

“It’s a pretty neat little building,” Teel said. “We haven’t got it all finished, but it’s coming along. You see these tiny houses on TV all the time and we thought that would be a pretty cool thing for a drive-thru coffee shop. Frankie Henderson has been building these houses out of shipping containers, and that’s where I got the idea to use one of those.”

Teel, along with his partners Austin and Dustin Wheeler, are excited to see the project coming to fruition.

“We have been working on this for about eight months, but we have kind of kept it quite,” Teel said. “It’s mainly going to be drive-thru, but we will have a 12×30 covered patio for people to come sit outside and eat.”

The business will be located next to Huddle House.