ASH grad chosen to present research at leadership event

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018


An Andalusia High School graduate and current University of Alabama student planning a medical career had an opportunity Friday to present his research at a Tuscaloosa conference hosted by the Crenshaw Leadership Academy.

Darious Davis spoke about the use of an insulin pump for treatment of type 1 and now type 2 diabetes.

Davis has been working on this research for the past four months.

Ten percent of the American population has diabetes, and it is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

Davis presented on the benefits of having an insulin pump, focusing on how pumps eliminate the need to carry insulin needles or pills. Instead, they keep the pump tucked under their clothing, and calculate the dosage needed based on the number of carbs consumed.

Also included in the research was the negative side effects of these pumps, including potential malfunctions.

Davis’ group also focused on a new device called Lumo BodyTech. Scientists have created this device to help collect data on real time posture.

“The device tracks time spent in good or poor posture, with the ability to help the user practice good posture habits,” Davis said. “The data collected has been used to show trends throughout an average work day in order to assess the effects posture has on general back pain, missed work days, etc.”

Davis said that the main part of his research was how technology is quickly taking over the world in every aspect.

“ ’The Carousel is always turning’ was the theme that I, along with other representatives chose,” Davis said. “We based this off of Grey’s Anatomy because it means that life never stops, you have to keep moving on. Therefore, just as life never stops, technology and its advancement never stops as well.”

The conference focus was on technology innovations in medicine.

“It was a great honor to be a part of a group of other young scholars representing an academy named for such an amazing leader, Dean Mary A. Crenshaw,” Davis said. “I am proud to be a product of a prestigious institution that is making milestones and producing professionals and I believe my instruction from this college prepared me for this great opportunity!”

As a high school student, Davis volunteered with Meredith’s Miracles, participated in the marching band as a tuba player and was a part of Andalusia High School’s Key Club.

“It’s such an honor to represent my county, and have the opportunity to do so. I believe that the work that I have done are problems that relate to Covington County,” Davis said. “My community has supported me and has been one of my reasons to excel and push myself into situations and organizations that will prompt change.”

Davis said that this competition was not a competition to him, it was a chance to broadcast real life issues that we see right here in the state of Alabama.

“The instructors I had through the Andalusia City Schools system were instrumental for my development,” Davis said, “and I would like to thank each and every one for giving me that support in which propels me now.”

A Crenshaw Leadership Academy Fellow is highly regarded because he/she has demonstrated potential for outstanding leadership capacity in the College of Human Environmental Sciences and in his or her profession. It challenges students to think more creatively, communicate effectively, motivate and influence others, act ethically, use competent business and social etiquette skills, and make constructive community-oriented decisions. Named for Dr. Mary A. Crenshaw, a national leader and a former dean of the College of Human Environmental Sciences, and supported by the College of Human Environmental Sciences Leadership Board, the Crenshaw Leadership Academy serves as a venue for leadership development for select upper-level CHES students

Davis plans to graduate from The University of Alabama with a degree in public health, with a concentration in health professions and a minor in computing technology and applications and plans to attend a graduate level direct-entry master’s of science in nursing, a nurse practitioner program.