RLHS students find support for new recycling program

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Red Level High School Peer Helpers on Tuesday convinced the Covington County Commission to support a recycling program at the high school.

Red Level Junior Jacob Catrett gave a presentation about pollution and the importance of recycling.

“Schools throw away 80 percent of recyclable goods, the 80 percent of recyclable goods that we will use will go towards funding the school,” Catrett said. “It is 36 percent cheaper to have recycling bins instead of trash cans.”

The Peer Helpers would be designated to stand beside the recycling cans during break to make sure that all liquids were drained from the bottles and cans being thrown away and to make sure that students were throwing away the correct recycling materials.

“This will be a great way to raise funds and help the environment at the same time,” Red Level Peer Helper Sponsor Tori Adams said.

The main thing that the Peer Helpers have asked the commission to do is to sponsor the recycling cans and bags and the transportation of the waste to the proper waste plant.

Adams said that they are looking at other means of sponsorship like entering in the Pepsi Recycling Rally by submitting a video about starting a recycling program.

The Commission agreed to help the Peer Helpers by giving up to $750 to help with their program.