Counselor, minister: Don’t just talk to kids; listen

Published 12:51 am Tuesday, February 20, 2018

With the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla., it is understandable why kids would be hesitant to go to school and why parents would not want to send their kids to school,

But the Rev. Daryll Calloway of First Baptist Church Whatley Street, who also is a counselor, wants to encourage students to keep going to school.

“They need to keep going to school and we need to make them feel as comfortable as possible there,” Callaway said.

There have been nine possible threats in Alabama schools since the attack in Florida last week including, Shades Valley High School, Bessemer City High School, Springville High School, Dothan High School, East Limestone High School, Baldwin County Schools, Leeds High School, Susan Moore High School and Fairhope Middle School, reported Monday.

“It is really terrible what is going on right now, but making the kids as safe as possible is what needs to be done,” Calloway said.

Right now there is a good combination of both parents and kids being scared of the situation Calloway said.

“It is not what we can tell them to make them feel safe,” Calloway said. “It is how we can listen to what they are saying so we can understand what they need to make them the most comfortable.”