New title business opens downtown

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 8, 2018

The closing process when purchasing a home can sometimes be hassle, and Landmark Settlement and Title is bringing its business to Andalusia to help speed up that process.

Landmark Settlement and Title of Andalusia will have its grand opening on Tues., March 20.

Andalusia native Martin Clifton has partnered up with Barron Lakeman and Jennifer Banik of Birmingham to bring the business to Andalusia.

“Both of the people who started the company are friends of mine,” Clifton said. “They started the company in August of 2014 and they have almost 30 years of combined experience in titles and closing.”

Having done lending work in the past, Clifton said it was something he really wanted to get back into.

“I was lending in Birmingham and then coming back down I here, I just missed having something to do with lending business basically,” Clifton said. “There are two other people in town that provide these types of business and I just saw an opportunity.”

Clifton said that the business will provide work for titles, closing and other related transactions.

“We provide all the stuff as far as title work goes, closing services, deed preparation and stuff like that,” Clifton said. “Anyone that’s looking to purchase a home or refinance a home. That’s mainly where most of clients will come from those two scenarios.”

The office is located 109 O’Neal Court in downtown Andalusia. For more information about the company, go to