Gone technical: Students learn about potential careers

Published 1:37 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Students from five Covington County schools took their classroom on the road recently when they visited LBW Community College in Opp to learn about technical career opportunities.

“We welcomed all class levels from Andalusia High School, Florala High School, Pleasant Home School, Red Level High School, and Straughn High School,” said LBWCC Director of Recruitment Heather Owen.

“The students were attentive in every demonstration of the technical programs they visited. Each group was able to visit the labs and classrooms of nine different programs.”

Jason Goodwin of Florala High School said learning about the diesel and heavy equipment mechanics program was most interesting to him. Classmates Josh Wood is already a dual enrollment student in the program, while Justin Lambert is attending welding classes as a dual enrollment student.

“For those high school students who were not aware of the opportunity of dual enrollment, this was a worthwhile trip to Opp,” said Owen.

Although several in the group visiting the nursing program admitted they did not like needles, Ruby Mack, a sophomore at Red Level High School, bravely stepped up as a volunteer to start an I.V.

Friendly competition between high school juniors Colby Piland of Straughn and Justin Walden of Pleasant Home resulted in quick tire changes in the automotive mechanics program.

Marteez Wilkerson, a junior at Andalusia High School, got hands-on experience with electric current in the industrial electronics program, while outside under a pine tree were Red Level students Alaina Beucher, junior, and Xander Beucher, freshman, learning about forest technology.

“We encourage high school students to consider enrolling in dual enrollment classes to earn high school and college credit at the same time, thus jump-starting their college career and getting into the workforce at a faster pace,” said Owen. “They can even take courses in the summer, and some programs offer technical dual enrollment scholarships.”

Due to increased interest in dual enrollment, LBWCC will offer additional opportunities for parents and students to visit campus and learn about the process, she said.

“On May 1, 2018, we invite parents and students to attend a session in Opp, and on May 3 in Andalusia, each beginning at 5:30 p.m.,” said Owen.

“We have notified high school counselors of these dual enrollment awareness events for both technical and academic programs, so we are hoping for a great turnout.”

For more information, call 334-881-2282.