E3N property prepped for future development

Published 1:23 am Friday, March 16, 2018

Site prep work began this week on East Three Notch Street adjacent to Church’s Chicken, and on Thursday, an approximately 90-year-old home was torn down.

But Mark McIntyre of McIntyre Properties said Thursday afternoon he’s not entirely sure what he’ll do there. Yet.

“We’ve had a lot there for a long time, next to Church’s,” he said. “Then when the old hotel came for sale, we added that. Then the house came on the market.

“We’re just doing site prep right now for possible development,” he said. “The property is large enough now to do most anything. We’ve got about 330 feet.”

Owning property in the area has been a family thing for a long time, he said.

“My dad bought the Church’s location 34 years ago, and leased it to Olin Hardin,” he said. “We like this side of town.”

McIntyre said for now, he’s just getting ready to build something in Andalusia.

“I’ve been focusing mostly out of town, but I intend to stay here, and I want to help Andalusia grow,” he said.

He also is developing a subdivision, Aubreyland, on Hwy. 29 west of the elementary school.

Local Realtor and history Sue Bass Wilson said the house that was torn down, most recently the home of Andalusia Florist, was built with stones that came out of the river after the 1929 floods.

McIntyre said he looked at moving the house to the back part of the East Three Notch Property, but said there were structural issues and he decided against it.