Shooting suspects surrender

Published 12:46 am Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Charged with attempted murder in Falco Road incident

Two arrests have been made in the March 16 shooting on Falco Road near Wing, Sheriff Dennis Meeks said Tuesday.

The suspects, identified as Jake Alan Cox, 18, and Johnathon Steele Cox, 20, surrendered to deputies Monday night at the Covington County Jail. Each is charged with with attempted murder, robbery I, and shooting into an occupied vehicle. They remain in the Covington County Jail a $650,000 bond, each.

The investigation began after Covington County deputies responded to a call at about 7:20 p.m. on Friday, March 16, of a man shot on a dirt road south of Pleasant Home School.When deputies and rescue personnel arrived, it was determined the shooting had actually occurred at a different location, on Falco Road, and the two victims had fled from the scene after being fired at by the suspects. It was also determined at least two suspects also fled from the scene at a high rate of speed after the shooting.

The couple had been attempting to find a rural address on Falco Road where they were to purchase a camper listed on Craigslist. The man had gotten out of the truck near the wooden bridge on Falco when he was shot three times in the groin area. His vehicle also was struck three times.

As deputies and Advanced EMS personnel rendered aid and secured the scene, it was determined one of the victims had suffered a gunshot wound and the other was not physically injured. The injured man was airlifted from the school.

Covington County sheriff’s deputies, with assistance from the District Attorney’s Office, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the Andalusia Police Department, began a search of the area for a suspect’s vehicle. Even though one of the victims was injured, each was able to provide vital information to law enforcement both at the scene, and later at a Florida medical center.

From that information, investigators developed brothers Jake Alan Cox, 18, and Johnathon Steele Cox, 20, as persons of interest.

A BOLO (be on the lookout) for the brothers and their vehicle, a white Chrysler 200 four-door, was issued on Sat., March 17. The car was located and impounded early in the investigation.

Star-News archives show that Jake Alan Cox was one of three people arrested in January when a good Samaritan interrupted a burglary of the Andalusia Armory and held the suspects at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.

Sheriff Dennis Meeks praised the efforts of all the law enforcement involved. “This was a great example of agencies coming together and building a case. I truly appreciate all the assistance we received. That assistance came not just from law enforcement, but the public and the victims, as well.”

Meeks went on to say that although two arrests have been made, the investigation continues.

“Earlier today, I met with a team of investigators from various agencies during which we continued to plan, and move forward with the case,” Meeks said. “This is an active investigation and although we feel very strongly about the evidence we already have, we will press on to ensure we have located everyone that may have knowledge about the crime. I understand the public wants to know more, but we simply can’t release too many details at this time as it remains an ongoing investigation.”

Sheriff Meeks encourages anyone who may have information to contact his criminal investigation division at (334) 428-2640.

Meeks also expressed his appreciation to the Covington County District Attorney’s Office, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Andalusia Police Department, Covington County Drug Task Force, Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office, Okaloosa County Florida Sheriff’s Office, Advanced EMS, and Opp Fire Department for their valuable assistance throughout this investigation.

“We called on a number of agencies during this investigation for assistance. Each offered their full support and worked alongside our staff tirelessly,” Meeks said.