Free ‘watchathon’ will introduce on demand service

Published 12:54 am Friday, March 30, 2018

Mediacom announced Thursday that its customers who use a cable box can tune in to a free “watchathon” in April as it introduces its On Demand services to local audiences.

“Watchathon” is scheduled for April 11 through 23 and comes on the heels of Mediacom’s launch of the On Demand channel that functions like a digital library to let customers choose when and what to watch. The extensive selection of programs includes recently-released box-office hits and Academy Award-nominated movies, plus current and prior episodes of broadcast TV and cable networks shows, according a press release from the company.


The On Demand menu is located at channel 1, and is also accessible using the labeled “On Demand” button on the Mediacom remote. It is the starting point for customers to access free “Watchathon” programs and features. Mediacom customers using a set-top box or TiVo device can automatically access On Demand.

“On Demand is a digital feature that could not be supported by the network when it was based primarily on analog technology,” explained Mediacom’s local supervisor, Caleb Gurley. “But our technology upgrades have transformed the platform to a fiber-rich digital network that supports On Demand and other services that make television viewing more customized and convenient than ever before. This tool does not record the program, but the selection menu is always available to let customers choose when they want to watch a program, and catch up on prior episodes or specials they may have missed.”

During “Watchathon” dates (April 11 – 23), Mediacom customers have free access to programs offered by the television industry’s four premium networks: HBO, Showtime, Starz and Max. Each network offers its preview window at different dates: Starz – April 11-18; Showtime/TMC – April 19-22; HBO and MAX – April 20-23. To access the programs, customers are directed to start at Channel 1 (On Demand), then select the category titled “Free Watchathon.”

The company, which acquired Andy Cable last year, has been transitioning customers to Mediacom services and packages. Mediacom has been installing new fiber so that it can increase web speeds.

The company also said a transition to Mediacom’s email system will occur this spring. Customers will be asked to associate their Andy Cable email addresses to their Mediacom ID.

Area communities with Mediacom services include Andalusia, Antioch, Babbie, Carolina, Dozier, Gantt Harmony, Heath, Kinston, Libertyville, McKenzie, Onycha, Opp, Red Level, Red Oak, River Falls, Sanford, and Straughn.