Pilots had busy week of baking

Published 12:18 am Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lots of local hostesses were able to cross “dessert” off their do lists for Easter weekend, thanks to the hard work of members of the Pilot Club of Andalusia.

Yesterday, the group delivered 75 cakes in their second annual cake sale.

Doris Tyler picks up a butternut cake Friday.

Seven bakers were tasked with baking all of the cakes, and offered five different flavors

“The day before delivery was a mad house at the Chamber of Commerce,” Pilot Lisa Patterson said. “We were trying to get everything ready for people to come pick up their cakes and it was crazy.”

Patterson said that the chamber looked like a cake factory.

Italian cream cake was the most popular option, with the seven layer chocolate cake coming in a close second.

“We worked really hard this year and had a great response from people around town,” Maggie Jones, a Pilot who also is assistant director at the Chamber of Commerce, said. “It was great to see how many people were interested.”

The money raised from the fundraiser will go toward the Pilot Club’s different service projects in the community. Pilot Club’s main focus is to promote awareness of brain-related disorders and help with local charities.

They work with the Covington County Sheriff’s Department for one of their main charities, which is Project Lifesaver.

Project Lifesaver provides free wristbands with radio transmitters to individuals who are considered at risk for wandering. The wristbands help track the person so they can be kept safe.

The Pilot Club also supplies the helmets for children who receive bicycles at the annual Andalusia Community Christmas in an effort to prevent brain injuries.

“It was a very exciting event and I’m glad there were so many cakes sold,” Patterson said. “This group is such a fun, hardworking group to work with.”