Suddenly, strawberries are in season

Published 12:50 am Saturday, March 31, 2018

One could say that the people at Edmondson’s Farms are experts at growing strawberries.

The farm, which is located in Florala, has been growing fruits and vegetables for nearly 30 years.

This year is a good year for strawberries, Glenene Edmondson, the owner of the farm, said.

The harvest even required extra hands to help pick.

“We’ve had a real abundance of berries this year,” Edmondson said..

“We’ve hired extra help to help us pick them. We moved our berries to another location on the farm this year and it’s really helped them grow.”

Edmondson has hired on about five people to help with the harvest.

There’s also an option to pay and pick strawberries at $1.65 a pound.

“It’s a good experience to bring your children out here and have them pick their own berries,” Edmondson said.

“A lot of people do that and the children love it.”

For those that would rather have their strawberries already picked, employees have been at work.

They have been picking every day since the middle of March, Edmondson said.

“We pick about half a patch a day.”

Their patch is large and divided into smaller segments so it’s easier to pick.

The strawberry season begins in early spring, Edmondson said.

“We usually plant around the last of October and they’re ready in mid-March to May,” she said.

The berries usually reach their peak during May, Edmondson said.

At Edmondson’s Farms, they irrigate and fertilize throughout the beds and waterlines. Strawberries need areas that get a lot of direct sunlight without shade, and with minimal wind.

Strawberries can produce berries in shade but they won’t be as good if not in full sun, Edmondson said.

Strawberry plants also have very shallow roots that don’t do well in overly soggy conditions.

Also avoid watering the strawberries themselves because it can cause them to rot.

“The perfect time to harvest the berry is when it is fully red,” Edmondson said.

“That’s when it’s ready.”

Not only do they sell strawberries, the farm sells throughout the year: strawberry jams, plums, pear relish, beets, tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupe.

“We do seasonal planting throughout the year. In the summer, around June or July, we’ll have watermelons and cantaloupes,” Edmondson said.

“Half a flat of strawberries is $12, a whole flat is $22. A quart of strawberries is $4,” Edmondson said. For more information, contact the farm at 334-858-3679.