Trailmasters get state award for partnership

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A group of about 70 Trailmasters was recognized Tuesday for their volunteer work at Frank Jackson State Park.

Greg Lein, the director of the Alabama State Parks Division, recognized the group and officially recognized them for their partnership with the state park.

“We created this eagle award because we have had a lot of champions in the parks that needed recognition,” Lein said. “The park system could not work without all of the volunteers that work so hard to keep it up.”

The original award ceremony was held at Lake Guntersville State Park on Sat., Feb. 3.

“We couldn’t recognize all of the participants at Lake Guntersville,” Lein said. “So we came to you. When you recognize people in front of family and friends it is more important to them then standing with a bunch of strangers, that is why we thought it was important to come to Lake Frank Jackson and recognize them.”

The Trailmasters have done several service projects at Lake Frank Jackson.

“We have replaced the docks and painted the new bathroom buildings,” Jason Hickox, one of the Trailmasters, said. “I joined the group because I wanted to try and get out and make the park look better.”

Trailmasters President Charles Willis said that he is beyond proud of his group for the effort that they have put in the park.

“It is not about the recognition, even though that this award is very nice,” Willis said. “We do what we do because we enjoy doing it. We enjoy making the park look the best it can.

“We are surprised and appreciative for this award,” It makes the club feel good, especially when we were not expecting it.”

A number of state and local elected officials, as well as political candidates attended the event.