SCAMH fun day celebrates special needs

Published 1:26 am Friday, April 6, 2018

Baseball games, helicopters and dance competitions are just a few of the things that made the South Central Alabama Mental Health Special Needs Fun Day a success.

“The special needs community enjoys doing the same things that we do,” Staci Wilson, organizer of the Fun Day, said. “It is hard for them when they don’t get the same opportunities as we do, so it is a great day to celebrate all special needs.”

The Andalusia High School and Opp High School Peer Helpers volunteered to help, and a number of city employees also were on hand.

The day was filled with arts and crafts, baseball games and dancing, but one thing that stood out to Holt Parker was the helicopter that landed in the middle of one of the baseball fields.

“Holt is absolutely fascinated with helicopters,” Parker’s mother said. “He loves everything about them, especially how they work.”

Haynes Ambulance landed the helicopter on the baseball field. They also brought an ambulance for the attendees to get in.

“It is very important to bring these things out there for them,” Glen Jowers of Haynes Ambulance said. “We want them to experience the vehicles and get acquainted with them so they aren’t scared of them.”

Jowers said that Haynes Ambulance is very community involved and was happy to do whatever need be to make the attendees happy.

The Enterprise Adult Daycare Center was one of the groups in attendance yesterday.

“As a community, we need more events like this, so we can come together,” Misty Dean, of the Enterprise Adult Daycare Center, said. “Look at all those smiles, this is why we do events like this.”

Fannie Ford, one of the attendees, danced all day and was excited to see all the vehicles.

“I liked getting in the firetruck,” Ford said. “And as far as my dancing goes, don’t hate, anticipate. Everyone knows I will always be dancing if there is music playing.”

Wilson said that the entire day was a good day and that they always look forward to having this event.