‘Mafia’ ride raises $8K for Wounded Warriors

Published 12:29 am Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Gantt Mafia Wounded Warrior Benefit Ride ended up a lot better than expected considering how much it rained, John Zorn of the Gantt Mafia said.

“Although we didn’t have as many riders this year, it was still a good turnout,” Zorn said. “There were 23 riders this year and we had 84 last year, but a lot of the riders were out of town people that couldn’t come down because of the rain.”

Zorn said that there were about 115 people in attendance to the entire fundraiser.

From this fundraiser, The Gantt Mafia raised around $8,600 dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project.

“Things like this happen,” Zorn said. “I’m just glad that people still came and supported a great cause.”