Gun owners should vote to protect rights

Published 12:04 am Saturday, April 21, 2018

If you’ve been watching Fox News as I have, you’ve seen for yourself that our second amendment is being threatened more and more every day.

As a gun owner, some for hunting, some for target shooting and others for protecting my family and my property, this concerns me a lot.

We couldn’t do anything about the 10 percent sales tax that was put on us, but we can about our right to own and bear arms.

If you are not registered to vote, get off your butts and do it now.

If you are are, you must go vote for the candidates that do support our Second amendment.

You also see on the news that those democrats that do agree with us won’t vote that way because they hate President Trump so much that they will not support anything that he stands for.

He is the first president that we’ve had in many years who is doing what he said he would do if we elected him.

It is so pathetic that most of these some people cant except the fact that “Crooked Hillary” lost and he won.

Thank god that Obama is gone and she’s not our president.

There are six or eight more who need to be gone too, but until we do must do our part to help protect the First and Second amendments.

If you own a firearm, regardless if you hunt or not, you must go vote.

If we lose the house, senate or worse yet, both, then we will lose it all.

Talk to our friends, neighbors and relatives and get them to vote too. Call the ones out of state, get them involved and lets protect the rights that our forefathers fought and some died for. With thousands and thousands coming across our southern border, we need to protect ourselves more than ever.

So, with this being said, please do your part on Election Day.

That’s the only way that our voices are heard.


Duane O’Neal