Email addresses won’t change yet

Published 1:59 am Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mediacom still working on transition for @andycable accounts

Local Mediacom Internet customers can continue to use their Andy Cable email addresses for the time being.

The Star-News reached out to the cable and Internet provider after being asked by numerous readers when the change from Andy Cable to Mediacom email addresses is expected to occur.

Phyllis Peters, communications director for Mediacom’s field operations group, said this week the company is not ready to make that change.

“We are not asking our customers in the Andalusia or Opp areas to do anything right now about email,” Peters said. “Our migration team is at work behind the scenes, testing various scenarios about how customers will work through forms or make changes to sync up email. We have not put a solid date together as to when we will transition to Mediacom email.

“It’s all status quo for now,” she said.

In previous interviews, Mediacom officials have said local customers should anticipate a transitional solution that will include some kind of forwarding from the old Andy Cable email address to the new Mediacom address.

The company acquired Andy Cable in 2017.