Jammin’ on the Farm

Published 1:15 am Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Event raises funds for Guatemala mission trip

Jeff Sellers used his love for music and having a good time to raise money for a good cause. By hosting Farm Jam, a fundraiser that showcased musical talent from all over Covington County, Sellers was able to raise $2,983 for his daughter’s mission trip to Guatemala.

“I got the idea because of my background in music,” Sellers said. “Scott Rogers, Phillip McClung and myself have always wanted to do something like this but never had the opportunity.”

Aubrey Mckee, Olivia Cravey, Phillip McClung, Scott Rogers, Jeff and Jacob Sellers, Tripp Bass, Rosemary Bass, Christopher Smith and Conner Sowards all performed at Farm Jam Saturday.

An estimated 150 people attended the event.

“When Hannah said she wanted to go on this mission trip, I knew that now was the time to have the Farm Jam,” Sellers said. “I thought it would be a great idea to do this for the trip.”

The cost of the mission trip was completely covered as well as the cost for Hannah’s cousin’s trip as well. She will go to Guatemala with Fort Hill Presbyterian Church out of Clemson, SC, this summer.

“The donations we received completely cover Hannah and her cousin’s trips,” Sellers said. “The rest of the money will go with the church to provide shoes for the children in Guatemala.”

Sellers said that the during the mission trip they will help on with construction on a hospital in Guatemala that provides for mothers of the hospitalized children of Guatemala, and they will be working with The Shoe That Grows, a shoe company that provides an expandable shoe so kids can keep on wearing them as they grow.

“I just want to thank my friends and family for supporting this mission,” Hannah Sellers said. “Thank you for all the people that donated, it is really overwhelming to see so much support.”

Sellers has only heard positive feedback from the people that attended the jam.

“Everything I have heard is that they want to do it again,” Sellers said. “So we will do exactly that. Anyone who has a fund raising event or a church function, we will be glad to hold a Farm Jam for those who need the help.”

Sellers said that he thanks everyone who came out, as well as the First Methodist Church of Andalusia for helping set up at the farm.