RLES’s Windham loved seeing students grow

Published 12:47 am Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Red Level Elementary School’s Susan Windham is preparing to retire after teaching for 36 years.

“I loved working with children, that is why I got into teaching,” Windham said. “Just seeing them grow is the best part.”

Windham said that seeing the light bulb turn on in their heads when they finally understand something is the best part about teaching.

“You can see them beam from the inside out,” Windham said. “That is the truly amazing.”

Windham said that teaching has its days when it is a lot of fun, but sometimes it breaks her heart.

“When you can see the potential in a kid, but they can’t reach it is what gets me,” Windham said. “Some kids just don’t have the right home life and you can’t help that.”

Windham plans to relax and get a part time job after she retires this year.

“There will be lots of laying out by the pool, that is the main thing I’m looking forward to,” Windham said. “I already have a job lined up to be a receptionist so hopefully that is what I will do as a part time job.”

Even though she is looking forward to her pool time, she will miss one thing the most about teaching.

“I will definitely miss seeing former students,” Windham said. “I still have students come in everyday and talk to me so it will be hard to leave that.”