Grissett loves ‘funny, giggling young’uns’

Published 1:34 am Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fleeta Kindergarten teacher Penni Grissett said that every day is challenging when teaching kindergarten.

“It is challenging, but I love teaching those funny, giggling young’uns,” Grissett said.


She has been teaching for 28 years, and has taught language, math, reading, science and social studies.

“I have always loved kids,” Grissett said. “I think working with them is truly my calling. I am so blessed. I say that this job is truly a gift from God.”

Even though teaching is her calling, her work goes beyond teaching the ABCs.

“My heart aches for the children that have terrible home lives,” Grissett said. “So I make sure that every child gets the instruction they need on their own level.”

Fleeta Principal Seth Richards had some very kind words to say about Grissett.

“She is a very nurturing teacher,” Richards said. “Older kids always talk about her class… I think that is amazing when kids can grow old and come back and still recall their time with a teacher.”

Richards said that she is very knowledgeable about each child’s personality.

“She is one of those teachers that are striving to be the very best,” Richards said. “Every kid feels special in her class.”

Along with having a special connection with her students, Richards said that she works extra hard to have a connection with the parents as well.

“She is a veteran teacher here at Fleeta,” Richards said. “She has such a great connection with the parents of her students and I think that goes a long way in the education of a child.”

Grissett said that the thought of retiring never comes across her mind.

“I’ll be here forever,” Grissett said. “I’ve been teaching since 1990, and they will have to run me off.”